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IF you dont know KNOW! NOW. The 4th25 is ill. Still.

Photos of the CD Release party by The Dirty Rancher

This Beats Bumfights

Gurp City ya’ll got the rappin’ disease.

did something

Show, All Ages kids! Chico, CA


What’s goin on.

New MC OROVILLE album out middle of the month, Two shows in Chico 1. at a the broken glass/langolier/zombie house – 13 Oct 2007, and B. at Off Limits Bar 27 Oct 2007 which will be the DO soMETHing CD Release Party with: Hardley CelebsĀ  (Topr and Conceit) and new up and coming Gurp City super group TRUNK DRANK. Check Other than that I’m slowly learning everything at and It is a fun place, tho I miss my coffee walks in Chico with the Synthesis Crew I do get to hang out at Pigeon Poo Park and watch the Coast Gard ships the #722 and the #720 and the $719. I love boats.

This is not a pigeon photo.


Also classic black with white print Gurp City T-shirts are on thier way! Thanks to Hiro!