What’s goin on.

New MC OROVILLE album out middle of the month, Two shows in Chico 1. at a the broken glass/langolier/zombie house – 13 Oct 2007, and B. at Off Limits Bar 27 Oct 2007 which will be the DO soMETHing CD Release Party with: Hardley Celebs  (Topr and Conceit) and new up and coming Gurp City super group TRUNK DRANK. Check myspace.com/mcoroville. Other than that I’m slowly learning everything at TheGiantPeach.com and It is a fun place, tho I miss my coffee walks in Chico with the Synthesis Crew I do get to hang out at Pigeon Poo Park and watch the Coast Gard ships the #722 and the #720 and the $719. I love boats.

This is not a pigeon photo.


Also classic black with white print Gurp City T-shirts are on thier way! Thanks to Hiro!


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  1. Ms. Nickels Said:

    The coffee walk crew has pretty much broken up since you’ve left. I miss it, too…
    Great to hear about your new album, you know I’ll be there!

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