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Gurp City & Red Wine Present

Luke Sick of Grand Invincible

Grand Invincible, Trunk Drank, Conceit, Skuzz Live At Annie’s Social Club, San Francisco, California

TopR does murk the mic


Fun With an Anagram Finder = A Warfared Manhunt Fining

Someone once told me that all truth could be found in anagrams… FIND YOUR OWN!

TopR – Port (probably meaning the type of wine)

Gurp City – Pyric Gut

The Mayor of Gurp City – Gritty Ace Roofy Hump
California – Facial Iron
Daniel Taylor – Anally Editor
Hater Tuesday – A Seedy Rat Hut
Mac Dre – Da Merc
Sir Edmond Hillary – Hill Admirers Yond
Aesop Rock – Opera Sock
Upper Playground – Round Pulpy Grape
Do Something – Hot Dime Snog
So, now print out this stencil, cut out the letters and find two different colors of spray paint.
-evil mr. loco


go to this show or not.