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an old fashioned rant

corn is a horrible thing to grow to make gas. if you grow corn to make gas you have to use a shitton of fertilizer. that fertilizer then gets washed to the ocean where it causes algae to boom. the algae sucks the oxygen and nutrients from the water and kills the fish. (come on mensa, fix this.)
water and food will be worth more than oil in a short time. so invest in soybean futures.
even though corn is bad for the environment if it gets us off foreign oil then that may save some lives.
cus obviously if you don’t know by now that was and is an oil war….
drilling for oil offshore west coast california or in alaska is a bad idea. fuck oil let it rest in peace.
solar panel dudes are making some dope shit, you already need a roof might as well make it black solar panels. they reflect less light back into the sky than a normal roof reducing the greenhouse effect. and they make electricy to power your crap.
Freshjive can put whatever they want on a fuckin shirt cus this is the united states of america and free speech/expression is our favorite thing. go ahead talk back all you want it’s free.
it is two-thousand H8
california don’t need no more fires so put that bottle rocket up your ass
smash someone else’s guitar
beef is soo 2007
black the new black finally after all these years.
strunk & white was right, kinda but not really ok i guess so oh maybe im not sure but yeah for sure they where totally 100% you know get to the rest of what im sayin they where really good people who wrote about how to write and say what you mean without going on on and on and on.
that was a bunch of malarky
i digress
if you read all this please respond with some insightful tidbit of bullshit or not.
“it’s all good” – Fateez

RD and you will be needing a Station Wagon

the real dj quest part II

Do yourself a favor and go see him live.

Mar 7 2008 9:00P
Red Fox Tavern Eureka, California
Mar 8 2008 9:00P
Club Six San Fran, California
Mar 12 2008 8:00P
Sam Bond’s Garage Eugene
Mar 14 2008 8:00P
Summit Saloon featuring Oregon Bend, Oregon
Mar 15 2008 10:00P
Hippodrome Portland, Oregon
Mar 17 2008 8:00P
Studio Seven Seattle, Washington
Mar 19 2008 8:00P
The Mobius Ashland, Oregon
Mar 21 2008 8:00P
The Palace Missoula, Montana
Mar 22 2008 8:00P
Zebra Cocktail Lounge Bozeman, Montana
Mar 26 2008 10:00P
Neurolux Boise, Idaho
Mar 27 2008 10:00P
Up Rok Records Salt Lake City, Utah
Mar 28 2008 8:00P
Cafe Nuba Colorado Denver, Colorado
Mar 30 2008 10:00P
Walnut Room Denver, Colorado