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Alameda, CA – Oakland, CA

bridge goes down i go through

my pigeon friends

pigeon friends

on the right is my down ass homie, the one on the left is a hater.  pigeons are rock doves, act like you know and quit hatin’.

Gurp City & Red Wine Present

Luke Sick of Grand Invincible

Grand Invincible, Trunk Drank, Conceit, Skuzz Live At Annie’s Social Club, San Francisco, California

Thats The Blap

hosted by dnae beats feat conceit, zman, eddie k and the likes


Rock The Bells

As part of the Ben Davis street team with Fifth Sun, I ventured out to this epic hip hop show that went down in San Francisco at Pac Bell Park (parking lot) . I didn’t catch all the acts but Cypress Hill and Wu Tang Killed it for me.


Photo by Thuggy Fresh.  See More of our photos here.