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Fun With an Anagram Finder = A Warfared Manhunt Fining

Someone once told me that all truth could be found in anagrams… FIND YOUR OWN!

TopR – Port (probably meaning the type of wine)

Gurp City – Pyric Gut

The Mayor of Gurp City – Gritty Ace Roofy Hump
California – Facial Iron
Daniel Taylor – Anally Editor
Hater Tuesday – A Seedy Rat Hut
Mac Dre – Da Merc
Sir Edmond Hillary – Hill Admirers Yond
Aesop Rock – Opera Sock
Upper Playground – Round Pulpy Grape
Do Something – Hot Dime Snog
So, now print out this stencil, cut out the letters and find two different colors of spray paint.
-evil mr. loco

Graff Writers? Union Solidarity?

Do they stop posting up new pieces when the writers go on strike? I’ve noticed a lot more half finished bubble outlines. Maybe it’s all the pcf’n. naw they dont stop…