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Rapanomics 202 – Rapflation

so yeah buy something because the dollar is going down now is the time to spend them and get the most out of em. really though that dollar in your bank is gonna be the equvelent of 99 cents tomorrow. I suggest investing in livestock i.e. goat or chicken, whiskey, a giant block of cheese, land, spraypaint, some underground small run rap albums…, solar panel manufacturing companies, limited edition skateboard decks and all the gold you can get your hands on without paying for it. I wouldn’t recommend investing in chevy trucks, prescription drugs, loafs of bread, bibles, corn husks, chewing gum, pop corn machines, coat hangers, floor mats or chinchillas.

So i guess i should give you the definition of Rapflation now.

Rapflattion-Rap-flay-shun: inflation caused by rap money. Rappers cause inflation.
Rappers get paper, paper buys goods like gas for rap tours, gas goes up due to more rappers touring, plastic goes up due to more cds getting pressed, beer goes up, computer prices go up, to sum it up; rappers get money so the price of goods go up, paper goes down, rappers are broke and are forced to come up with good material, Gucci boosts go up, hard times lead to hard rhymes, eventually the price of shit falls because rappers can’t afford shit, they start writing songs about their buckets, rap gets good again, money is worth more for a while, last years spinners go on sale! mr bling bling is open 24 hours! and the cycle continues, rapflation. “man my album went cardboard, then rapflation kicked in and I was back collecting beer cans on the side of the road.”


stay tuned for next week when we discuss, hoflation and macro-pornoonomics.

don’t believe everything you read, you might wind up having more fun than other people around you.