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Hour & Power

A quick study of hour and power rhymes found in song lyrics has unearthed these important findings. And in conclusion hour is rhymed with power about the same amount of times as power is rhymed with hour.

Rhyming Hour with power or power with hour

Studies in Unemployment

I remember only for an HOUR move right through me can you feel the POWER – YAZ

In the midnight HOUR I can feel your POWER – MADONNA

My niggas we gee packs, every HOUR on the HOUR
They shoot when I say shoot, so I’m in the position of POWER – 50 CENT

Daylight is the enemy;
Witching HOUR  soft POWER – LADYTRON

Pussy POWER oh what a flower – IGGY POP

You could get the POWER  But keep your eyes on the final HOUR – LAUREN HILL

Our rappin shower has style and POWER
And this, is our disco HOUR – WHODINI

Just flowin, smooth with the POWER — Kickin’ it up, HOUR after HOUR – VANILLA ICE

I’m in the pursuit of my own personal  POWER / And I only have an HOUR. – NAS

I can’t wait it’s all your choice it’s in your POWER. I can’t wait for another second  minute or HOUR – JACK PENATE

I need Thee every HOUR, stay Thou nearby / Temptations lose their POWER – JARS OF CLAY

The Man of the HOUR In a challenging game,
He rose to POWER While dooming his men. – FALCONER

When I’m losing all the POWER
And he won’t hurt me now
In this darkest HOUR – IQ

If there is a final HOUR; Let’s hope for a higher POWER -TECH9

Panther POWER for the HOUR –PARIS

Every HOUR, feel the POWER of love, yeah – LUTHER VANDROSS

They didn’t say they’d be there in half an HOUR,
‘Cause they displayed…Turtle POWER! –PARTNERZ IN KRYME

One Block Radius, doin it big!

Sailing photos of my week

we are all urchins

Alameda, CA – Oakland, CA

bridge goes down i go through

san franCISCO, come visit gurp city. DJ QUEST AND TOPR

the old man throws the duck decoy the dog brings it back

all day long.
dad throws duck decoy dog brings it back

TopR Marathon of Shame tour 2008

how i spent my summer vacation. by emcee oroville

watchin the chicken bandit shoot himself seven times. chicken bandit

Budweiser & Tecate mix with BB gun.

RapSessions: Increase or Decrease in relation to rapflation?o

The US dollar may appear stronger. But, is this just the tip of the W or perhaps coveted V shaped rapsession? whatupthough? somebody tell me where this rapconomy is heading. Note: Rapsessions will continue regardless , yet they may decline slightly based on rapflation.


this makes no sense on any level other than the level that I know how to use photoshop to make fast bullshit graphs. whatupthough!

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